I Want To Tell Your Story

But only if it's real, authentic, and helps humanity. 

When I pick up a camera and create something I don't expect it to be me. What I aim to achieve is bring the best parts of me to help capture and share the perspectives that matter in an engaging and meaningful way for the viewer. Some of the key things I look for in brands and individuals whom I work with:

  • the commitment to ensuring authenticity of the event 
  • refraining from trying to make people believe that they want things they don't need
  • the flexibility to lead the creative process while understanding and working with your brand's values
  • the events we capture are inspirational and for the betterment of humanity 

There are a lot of factors that influence the final cost of a video (e.g., location, length, travel, permits). My day-rate for an event of any kind is currently at $500.00 USD plus the cost of the additional variables above. If you're interested then I'll work with you personally to better understand your vision, needs, and the logistics to provide a final quote and product that will meet your needs. Ranges of my work in the past year have been between $350-750 for a finished minute of video, but are subject to change based on a multitude of variables.

There are two ways to reduce the cost: 

  1. Work with me in locations that I'm already going to be at (i.e., reduces most travel costs)
  2. Partner with additional organizations or people to split the cost where possible (e.g., travel)

I have the flexibility to meet needs relatively quickly, but appreciate the time to adequately plan. I also have access to additional photographers and film makers as needed for larger events or productions. Some different styles are linked along with a contact form below.


My Home Base

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