I Want To Tell Your Story

But only if it's real, authentic, and helps humanity. 


A great video is hard to accomplish, but there are a few key things that are consistently included:

  • A focus on the heroes of the event (e.g., speakers, organizers, attendees, vendors & volunteers)

  • A great “ad” is a great product - if we focus on what your organization does and its unique position in the industry then we will know what to capture and have time to actively plan the best possible story (who should be involved, ideal settings/backdrops, etc.) and actively avoid missing key shots

  • Great introductory hooks – you typically have a quick second to convince someone to click into your video, and then a brief 3-5 second window to hook them into the story

  • The confused customer never buys – that is, we should focus on being simple and digestible stories that highlight what your organization does and its unique position in the industry

  • Surprising but fitting – how can we include some personality, event, etc. that is different and stands out from the rest of the industry, but remains on-brand?

As you may see, the art and science of storytelling starts with a clear aim and purpose. If we can’t articulate the idea yourself, then why should we expect someone else to understand your story?

I begin each project with a discussion on the stories that you want to convey and the style you want to emulate.  This typically looks like two, 1-hour meetings where we hone in the goals of your organization, a review of the styles you want to create, a discussion around the logistics and a review of this initial proposal. This first meeting is free of charge, but after that we need to have a formal agreement in place.

There are a lot of factors that influence the final cost of a video (e.g., location, length, travel, permits). If you're interested then I'll work with you personally to better understand your vision, needs, and the logistics to provide a final quote and product that will meet your needs. If you want to calculate a rough estimate of your project it’s about $750 for each finished minute of video, but are subject to change based on a multitude of variables. This includes all costs. Click here for a sample project scope, budget and contract.

There are two ways to reduce the cost: 

  1. Work with me in locations that I'm already going to be at (i.e., reduces most travel costs).

  2. Partner with additional organizations or people to split the cost where possible (e.g., travel).

I also have access to additional photographers and film makers as needed for larger events or productions. Some different styles are linked along with a contact form below.


find the people you're looking for and influence them to act

Corporate Events

Show casing the area, the event, and the experience

Community Inclusion

showing people you care about them & SHARING THEIR STORIES

Brand Deals

Making your brand the hero of the story

Jerick Image

Yes, his last name really is Image. When a film project calls for two people, Jerick is my go-to guy. I’ve linked a few samples that he’s created. With over ten years of practice he’s like my Yoda.

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City or Location of Shoot
Things to include: who's involved, how long is the event, is there a need for waivers or actors that you foresee, are there brands that we want to highlight or involve?